Bethany ‘Punkster’ Owens
           Welcome to my website! I started my photography business in 2013 while I was still a high school sophomore, and it has been a wonderful learning and growing experience ever since. I am the very first graduate of Emerson College (CO 19’) to finish with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, which is currently one of my greatest accomplishments. During my career, I have had the honor of photographing people from all walks of life in various locations.... Everyone from my childhood babysitter photographed at a neighborhood park to Grammy award winning musicians during my time in the photographers pit at Boston Calling. I have had the joy of running personal exhibitions as well as having my work featured by organizations such as Zumix and Lesley College. I frequently create artistic collaborations with other artists and models to create fun mini-series’, and it is the most fun when I get to build a set for it! My favorite personal passion under the photography umbrella is shooting on film (35mm, 120mm and Polaroid 600), as I love the tangibility of it, and as a result film is the only medium I photograph on in much of my personal work. I had the nickname “Punky” aka “Punkster” when I was a singer/drummer in a band many moons ago, which later became a name I use often in reference to myself. I am also a huge animal lover and am the proud mom of a sweet, lovable canine fur baby named Marshall and seven wonderful cats. The journey of my life has been extremely fulfilling to say the least, and I look forward to creating more beautiful scenes and capturing more moments!
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